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Congratulations you now know all that you need to know to make an informed decision about taking the first steps to becoming a Freemason.

To talk to someone about Freemasonry in Sussex complete the form below and someone will contact you. If you know a Sussex Freemason, feel free to talk to them. Hint: they will try and recruit you to their lodge!

We are proud of being Freemasons and proud of being Sussex Freemasons. We look forward to welcoming you into Freemasonry in Sussex.



The Media and Communications lead for Sussex Freemasons is Mike Alderson.

Please contact Mike for all general media enquiries and should you need images or logos relating to Freemasonry in Sussex.

Mike can be contacted via email at

All non media enquiries or requests for information on joining Sussex Freemasons should be emailed to

Thank you.

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