The following honorifics will be awarded for donations made to the Sussex 2017 Festival for the Freemasons' Grand Charity:

  Brethren Lodges
Grand Patron £1,200 £2,400
Patron £600 £1,200

In addition, Grand Charity Festival Jewels will be awarded by the Province to Brethren who qualify as Festival Stewards.

Festival Stewardship

Festival JewelTax paying Brethren who sign a Gift Aid declaration form will become Festival Stewards after donating a minimum of £400. For non-tax payers, or tax payers who have not signed, the minimum donation is £500. Festival Stewardship entitles the donor to purchase a Grand Charity Festival Jewel upon payment of a further £12. The Provincial Grand Master has agreed that all qualified Brethren may wear the Festival Jewel at all meetings within the Province of Sussex up to and including the Festival in the Spring of 2017.

Brethren who attain Festival Stewardship will be invited with their Ladies to attend the Festival upon payments of the dining fee, the cost of which will be announced when the Festival arrangements have been determined.

Lodges' Festival Badges

Each Lodge will be set a target, which will be calculated pro rata to the membership of the Lodge. Festival badges will be awarded upon a Lodge reaching the following percentages of its target:

Bronze Badge

when a Lodge reaches
50% of its target

Silver Badge

when a Lodge reaches
100% of its target

Gold Badge

when a Lodge reaches
150% of its target

Upon presentation, the badge may be attached to the Lodge Charity Steward's collar throughout the duration of the Festival Appeal.