The Masonic Fishing Charity

The Masonic Fishing Charity is a registered charity set up in 1999 and its sole purpose is to bring a countryside and fishing experience to disabled and disadvantaged people, particularly children.

This is achieved by organising fishing events up and down the country, not just trout or salmon but coarse fishing as well; to which participants are invited from special needs schools and other similar institutions.

Not only is it an interesting fishing experience but also provides a mentally stimulating occasion and an opportunity that could otherwise be denied to the participants. It is not just about fishing however, as the experiences are used extensively when the children return to school and the many wall displays, IT projects, models, paintings and web pages are testimony to this as well as the memories that are constantly recalled. Many of the teachers and carers have been amazed at the effect fishing can have on people with behavioural or emotional difficulties and sometimes the experience has had a long lasting beneficial effect on them.

What’s happening in Sussex!

Cinder Hill 2009

In 2009 we set up the Sussex branch of this wonderful activity and are pleased to report we have held events at Chalk Springs in Arundel and Cinder Hill Horsted Keynes. A total of 30 children were given the opportunity to participate from six special needs schools around the county. The PGM and Ken Hasler (the CEO of MFC) supported us at both events.

Our PGM and Ken Hasler at Cinder Hill 2009

We are currently in the process of planning next years events and needless to say we are in need more help, both financial and personnel in order to maximise the opportunities we can create.

It costs approximately £1000 to run a day’s event and we rely on your sponsorship to fund the occasion. As part of the day’s package we also give hats, mugs and other goodies for the participant to help remember their day. These items cost typically £50 a time.

If you or your Lodge can offer to sponsor an event or contribute by say giving a lodge meetings raffle money this will be most gratefully received.

Last but not least, if you would like more information on how the Masonic Fishing Charity was formed and what other opportunities there are available to you around the country please visit the Masonic Fishing Charity website

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