Lodge and Chapter Websites

Sussex Lodges and Chapters may have their own web space in the form of a sub domain within the Provincial website.

For example: www.adurlodge.sussexmasons.org.uk (only an example; not an actual web address)

There will be no charge for this, and each Lodge or Chapter will have access to upload their web pages via FTP to their own web space. Any website would have to be approved before it can appear live online. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex will remove links to any website which fails to stay within these guidelines.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex cannot create or maintain your website, therefore you are advised to nominate a Brother in your Lodge or a Companion in your Chapter who is able to deal with this.

We are happy for you to include items like:

  • the History of the Lodge or Chapter
  • Officers of the Lodge or Chapter (permission must be obtained from any Brother or Companion whose name or photo appears on your website)
  • dates and place of meetings
  • photographs of the Banner and the history thereof
  • social events

Certain conditions will apply:

  • each Lodge or Chapter website should contain only information about that Lodge or Chapter
  • subjects like 'The History of Freemasonry' or 'What is Freemasonry' will be amply covered by the Provincial website

Approved websites will appear on the Sussex Lodge and Chapter websites list.

Please contact our Webmaster for further details.

UGLE Website Guidelines

UGLE Social Media Policy

Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex Internet Website Policy